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Production Pipeline

Time to market is key to be able to adjust campaign material as dynamic as possible as required by today’s campaigns. Our custom production frameworks make it possible to update creatives as fast as possible – sometimes in a matter of minutes after the order.


We are specialized in creating dynamic display ads for use in your programmatic and always on campaigns. The usage of our cutting edge tech stacks make it possible for you to adjust your campaign on the fly and don’t burn budgets on the wrong efforts.


IAB Standard Ads
Of course we produce the classic standard of display advertising like no other, in premium quality and animations that not only look good but add value to the experience.
No matter if it’s a skin based takeover or a fully synchronised interaction beast, we got you covered. Multiple awards prove that we can do amazing things.
Video Ads
Our producers are ready for your VPAID, interactive, adaptive or programmatic prerolls as well as new formats such as searchable video on YouTube.
Digital Out Of Home
We love to augment the customers online experience to the physical world with our digital out of home productions.
Rich-Media Ads
We’re experts in building rich-media ads for all DSPs and publishers out there. For when you need to add that extra bang to your campaigns.
Social Ads
We speak the language of your audience. No matter if it’s existing channels such as Facebook or Instagram, or the next hip thing.
Personalised Display Ads
We use programmatic and dynamic content to bring value to the customers micro-moments of attention so they interact with your brand.
DMP & DAM Integrations
Using your first party data and integrating companies’ asset management is a crucial pillar in our workflow.


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We use the latest technology to develop our ads, not only in programming, but also in design processes and software. We work agile, and involve our clients in our way of working as much as possible, so we can navigate the fast moving business of display banner campaigns most effectively.

GEO Targeting

The world is a large place when it comes to programmatic adserving. We always provide the best solution per market to reach the customer on the right spot.

Tag Management

Often overseen or not taken seriously, professional tag managing is key to gathering data and analysing overall performance of your campaign efforts.

Google Analytics

Bringing everything together in one dashboard is crucial to understand insights quickly. A perfect implementation of Google Analytics is necessary for all modern websites.

Perfect (Re)Targeting

We develop targeting strategies that make sense and bring value. Not doubting the intelligence of your customers.


Since 2014 Das Banner provides the best display solutions for a broad range of clients, tailored to each product and campaign individually. We have an effective production pipeline to develop cutting edge assets for your marketing communication.


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